Climb on out of the cage…..

Spring is quickly running into summer, with soft breezy nights, greenery and bulbs a-flourish, kids and couples staying outside to parade along treeIMG_4049-lined paths arroyos and streams. In short we are going into the out of doors, that place of our origins.

Anxiety has grown in this great country of ours, just as people have taken to the indoors, the tv screen, to the screen you are reading from. Have you seen Gorillas in zoos, particularly the old fashioned zoos where cement slab meets primate? Eyes frozen and dull.

Newsflash: we are primates. We need nature bathing. That’s the in-vogue name the Japanese are calling time out in nature. Research is showing just how vital it is to get out on walks in nature, not cement city blocks

So if you don’t have a dog or a pet centipede, may I urge you to take it to the dirt, maybe even without the ear buds. My lab companion Frannie and I already took to the trails this morning. We saw the new buds and some of the old unraveling. We heard bird songs. We collected vitamin D into our skin and coat. We gathered peace and inspiration in the vistas and the views, and we gathered relaxation and wonder as we pulled in the perfume of the spring morning air. Inoculate yourself with wonder and stamp out anxiety. Check into nature.